"Freddy" Boute Frédéric  (RAF n° 162649)

Knight's Cross in the Order of Leopold with Palm
Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with palm and Bronze Lion,
War Medal 1939-45, 1939-45 Star, ...
(Philippe Deman Collection)
Born at Vicente - Lopez (Argentina) on February 13th, 1920.
Flew in the Aé Mil (11/VI/1) before War. Emprisoned by the Germans on 28 May 1940. Liberated on 11 June 1940. Evaded from Belgium 9 October 1940 and arrived in Canada 8 April 1941 en was enlisted in the Belgian Armed Forces and send to the Centre d'Instruction Militaire Belge at Camp de la Joliette. Enlisted the RAFVR, Belgian Section 18 August 1941 as Sergeant. Send for training at the SFTS (23/11/1941) and OTU (09/12/1941). Posted to 350 Sqn, 3 March 1942, commisioned W/O on 2/05/1943 and P/O on 10/10/1943. KIA, 13 November 1943 at Schelle, victim of Flak. 

(Information kindly provided by André Bar)
             His claims are :
19/08/1942 1/4  Ju-88 Dieppe (Operation Jubilé)
19/08/1942 1 FW-190 Damaged Dieppe (Operation Jubilé)
19/08/1942 1/2 FW-190 Damaged Dieppe (Operation Jubilé)
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