Custers Albert M. J. (RAF n° 87703)

Commander in the Order of the Crown, Commander in the Order of Leopold II,
Officer in the Order of Leopold II, Belgian Croix de Guerre with Palm,
Belgian Military Cross, Croix des Evadés, ...
(J-L Roba Collection)

Born on 30 September 1915 at Clermont - sur - Berwinne. He joined the Belgian Army before the war and volunteered for the Aé Mil. Trained in 1939 as an observer he had to evacuate to France, and later to French Morocco (Oujda) after the German invasion of his country on 10th May 1940. In August 1940 Custers joined with a part of the Belgian Air Force Schools to the UK, to pursue the fight alongside the British troops. CUSTERS will first fly in Coastal Command Squadrons after his training. While engaged in a war mission, his plane crashed in the sea, the crew being rescued after some critical hours. The Belgian will then suffer an acute phobia, fearing to fly over the sea. Posted in from 43 Sqn to the 350 (Belgian) Fighter Squadron on November 14, 1941. F/Lt Albert CUSTERS will then act as an instructor in an OTU in August 1942. Nevertheless, CUSTERS will try to come back in a front unit, the life in an OTU being to quiet for him. After a retraining to fly on Mosquito, CUSTERS joined 219 Sqn where he arrived in the summer of 1944. He finds a W/Op in the person of F/O Mc NAMARA, an Irishman from Eire who enlisted in the RAF. On 12th March 1945, he had achieved his tour but decided to remain in the Squadron. Joined the Belgian Air Force after the War. He died at Caire, Egypt on 28 January 1997.

(source: J-L Roba and André Bar)

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