Dancot Gaston Louis Marie Ghislain (RAF n° 1299847)
Knight of the Order of Leopold II with Palm, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm, ...
(Philippe Deman Collection)

Born at Waret-La-Chausseé on March 21st, 1920, Gaston Dancot was a student when War started. He escaped to Great Britain where he arrived in August 1940. Enlisted in the Belgian ground forces, he asked transfer to the RAF. Enlisted in the V.R. of the RAF, Gaston was sent to the 6 EFTS on December 20, 1941, to the 22 SFTS, May 1, 1942 and 58 OTU, September 23, 1942. He was designated to join 350 Sqn, where he arrived December 23, 1942. Promoted to F/Sgt on 17 June 1943. On December 28, 1943, Dancot who was in a fivemenship on a Rhubarb, was shot down by a FW-190 (Feldwebel Wilhelm Mayer, 7./JG26), his plane crashing down in flames, KIA.

(Source: Cinryk De Decker) 

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