Ester Jean (RAF n° 127452)
Knight in the Order of the Crown with Palm, Croix de Guerre 1940 with bronze Lion,
Croix des Evadés, 1939-1945 Star, ...
(André Bar Collection)

Born at Roux, 18 March 1920. Flew as civilian and joined the Aé Mil before the War. Transferred to France and to Morocco at the capitulation, he escaped with a part of the School to Great Britain where they arrived on August 5th, 1940. After a training period at RAF Depot St-Athan (13 August 1940), EFTS at Odiham (2 November 1940), 5 SFTS Ternhill on Llandow, he was posted to 131 Sqn, wich contained a Belgian Flight under command of F/Lt Gonay. This Flight was transferred to the newly formed 350 sqn in November 1941, where Ester joined the "B" Flight. On 16 August 1942, flying a Rhubarb, Ester's plane collide a water - tower and is forced to belly land in occupied France. He managed to escape trough the demarcation line of Vichy Zone, but he's arrested here and sent in to prison at Nice. Escaped once again, he returned to Great Britain where he arrived on 30 April 1943. On September 1943 he joined 349 Sqn and finally was transferred to Transport Command after convertion on wellington via 3 AFU (5 September 1944) and 105 OTU (26 September 1944) being posted after a short vacation to 11 Ferry Unit (2 January 1945) .War finished, Jean's last affectation was 187 Sqn (21 October 1945) on Dakota before leaving the RAF on 1 March 1946, joining Sabena.  On 17 September 1946, Ester died in a plane crash (Sabena) at Gander. 

(source: Cynrik De Decker + "Belgen in de RAF, Deel 1" J.L. Roba)   

             His claims are :
19/05/1942 1 Bf-109 Probable Circus 175 : Near St-Omer
30/07/1942 1/2 Bf-109 Ramrod: East France
26/07/1944 1 Me-109 Damaged
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