"Whisky" Flohimont Louis V. (RAF n°138679 )
Knight's Cross in the Order of Leopold with Palm, Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm, ...
(André Bar Collection)

Born on 25 November 1920 at Sclessin. Pupil Pilot before War. Evaded with Flying School from Oujda, Morocco to England where he arrived on 5 August 1940. He enlisted into the Belgian Section of the RAF on 13 August 1940. Send to EFTS-Odiham with the rank of LAC on 2 November 1940, to the SFTS on 15 May 1941 with a promotion to Sergeant on 19 August 1941. The next day he went to the OTU. Posted to 123 Sqn on 1 October 1941. On 2 May 1942, Flohimont joined shortly 54 Sqn, moving to 350 Sqn on5 June 1942. F/Sgt on 1 August 1942 and commisioned to P/O, 3 December the same year. Killed on 22 January 1943, Circus 253 flying Spitfire Mk V AR592, shot down by Oblt. Wilhelm-Ferdinand "Wutz" Galland of II./JG 26.

             His claims are :
19/09/1942 1 FW-190 Damaged Dieppe (Operation Jubilé)
19/09/1942 1 FW-190 Damaged Dieppe (Operation Jubilé)
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