Keefer George Clinton (J5022)
DSO*, DFC*, Netherlands Flying Cross, French Croix de Guerre with Gold Star,
War Medal 1939-45, 1939-45 Star, ...
George Clinton Keefer

KEEFER, F/L George Clinton (J5022) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.274 Squadron - Award effective 12 January 1943 as per London Gazette dated 22 January 1943 and AFRO 272/43 dated 19 February 1943.  Born in New York, 1921; home in Charlottetown;  enlisted there 15 October 1940.  Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 9 December 1940), No.11 EFTS (graduated 28 January 1941), and No.2 SFTS (graduated 10 April 1941). Presented with DSO, DFC and Bar at Buckingham Palace, 7 November 1944; presented with Bar to DSO, 25 February 1947. Died in Montreal, January 1985. For additional details see H.A. Halliday, The Tumbling Sky and Michel Lavigne, Canadian Wing Commanders.

" This officer has participated in numerous operational attacks in the course of which his determination and tenacity have resulted in twelve victories for his squadron, while many enemy aircraft have probably been destroyed or damaged.  During an exceptionally long tour of flying duty he has continually displayed great gallantry and skill in strategy."

NOTE: Public Record Office Air 2/9612 has recommendation for a non-immediate award sent by Group Captain W.J.M. Akerman, Headquarters, Royal Air Force, Middle East to Air Ministry on 14 December 1942:

" This pilot has flown more than 210 operational hours, covering 179 sorties, since November 1941.  His determination in pressing home attacks and his strategy both as an individual and as a Section Leader have resulted in a dozen victories for his section, with numerous probables and damaged. In addition he has either led the squadron or his section on 18 bombing trips since early June 1942, dropping thirty-six 250-pound bombs with great success.  He was relieved from operational flying on 15th August and he had completed 511 hours flying, having continuously displayed gallantry during his nine and one-half months service with the squadron."

KEEFER, S/L George Clinton (J5022) - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - No.412 Squadron - Award effective 5 April 1944 as per London Gazette dated 14 April 1944 and AFRO 1020/44 dated 12 May 1944.

" Squadron Leader Keefer has always performed his duties with unfailing coolness and courage.  On many occasions he has escorted large formations of bomber aircraft over enemy territory, achieving much success.  Since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross he has continued to take part in operations with the greatest keenness and has engaged the enemy many times."


KEEFER, W/C George Clinton, DFC (J5022) - Distinguished Service Order - No.126 Wing - Award effective 20 October 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 2637/44 dated 8 December 1944.

" This officer has completed many sorties since being awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross and his record is outstanding.  Within the past few months he has led large formations of aircraft on air operations during which forty enemy aircraft have been destroyed.  The successes obtained reflect the greatest credit on the skill, gallantry and resolution of Wing Commander Keefer.  This officer has been responsible for the destruction of eight hostile aircraft."

KEEFER, W/C George Clinton, DSO, DFC (J5022) - Bar to Distinguished Service Order - No.125 Wing - Award effective 10 July 1945 as per London Gazette of 24 July 1945 and AFRO 1619/45 dated 19 October 1945.

" Since his appointment as Wing Commander of Operations, Wing Commander Keefer has led and trained his wing to a high pitch of keenness and efficiency.  Under his leadership the wing has destroyed 191 enemy aircraft and damaged many more.  In addition a great variety of enemy ground targets have been successfully attacked.  During this period Wing Commander Keefer has destroyed four enemy aircraft in the air bringing his total victories to twelve aircraft destroyed.  He has also destroyed at least sixty enemy transport vehicles.  In April 1945, he completed a daring attack on eleven Messerschmitt 190s [sic] assembled on an airfield at Parchim.  Despite intense and accurate anti-aircraft fire the attack was pressed home and all the enemy aircraft were destroyed.  This officer has completed three tours of operational duty and has proved himself to be a leader of the highest order and a cool and fearless pilot."

KEEFER, W/C George Clinton, DSO, DFC (J5022) - Netherlands Flying Cross - Award effective 18 October 1947 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 576/47 dated 31 October 1947.  "In recognition of valuable services rendered during the recent war".  Public Records Office Air 2/9140 has recommendation as cleared by Air Ministry Honours ad Awards Committee.

" Wing Commander Keefer took over the duties of Wing Commander (Operations) of No.125 Wing in November 1944, while they were in winter quarters at Eindhoven.  During this phase of active operations, under extremely adverse weather conditions, Wing Commander Keefer's indomitable courage and brilliant leadership maintained the morale of his Wing at the highest level. This officer showed exceptional keenness to engage the enemy, and his steadfast determination was worthy of the highest praise.  In the subsequent battles through Holland to the German border, this officer's exceptional qualities remained well to the fore.  He displayed outstanding devotion to duty."

KEEFER, F/L George Clinton, DSO, DFC (J5022) - Croix de Guerre with Gold Star (France) - AFRO 485/47 dated 12 September 1947.

(Source: Allan Hillman)

             His claims are :
07/12/1941 1 MC200 SW El Adem (274 Sqn)
07/12/1941 1 MC200 Damaged SW El Adem (274 Sqn)
08/12/1941 1 Bf-109E Damaged SW El Adem (274 Sqn)
21/12/1941 1 Ju-88 Gulf of Bomba (274 Sqn)
25/05/1942 1 Bf-109F Probable SW Gazala (274 Sqn)
08/06/1942 1 MC202 W Bir Hachem (274 Sqn)
12/06/1942 1 Bf-109E Damaged SW El Adem (274 Sqn)
16/06/1942 1 Bf-109F E Tobruk (274 Sqn)
17/06/1942 1 MC202 Damaged Sidi Rezegh (274 Sqn)
10/07/1942 2 MC202 Damaged SW El Alamein (274 Sqn)
17/07/1942 1 Bf-109F Damaged El Alamein (274 Sqn)
12/06/1942 1 Fw-190 Damaged NW Ile de Batz (412 Sqn)
01/12/1942 1 Fw-190 Probable S Knocke (412 Sqn)
07/06/1944 1 Ju-88 Caen (126 Wing)
07/06/1944 1 Fw-190 Caen (126 Wing)
25/06/1944 1 Me-110 S Caen (126 Wing)
27/06/1944 1 Me-109G Beaumont (126 Wing)
02/03/1945 1 Me-109 NE Rheine (125 Wing)
19/03/1945 1 Me-109 Rheine Airfield (125 Wing)
16/04/1945 1 Fw-190 Damaged Hagenow Airfield (125 Wing)
18/04/1945 5 Me-109 on the ground Parchim Airfield (125 Wing)
20/04/1945 1 Me-109 Wittstock area (125 Wing)
25/04/1945 1 Fw-190 near Pritzwalk (125 Wing)
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