More James Winter Carmichael (RAF N 26161)
Distinguished Flying Cross, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,
War Medal 1939-45, 1939-45 Star, ...
(IWM Collection)

James More was born in 1910. He entered RAF College at Cranwell in September 1928, graduating in July 1930 and posted to 54 Sqn. He joined in February 1932, 403 Flight onboard of HMS Hermes to the Far East. In late 1934 he returned to the UK, joining the Instructing Staff of Cranwell. Posted to 43 Sqn in 1935 where he became flight commander the following year. A posting to 800 Sqn at Southampton saw him serving aboard HMS Courageous. He was then posted to Cottesmore where he took command of 73 Sqn and left with the unit for France in April 1940. Earning a DFC on 30 July 1940, he was promoted Wing Commander and poste to HQ, 9Group. Sector Commander in 1941, was badly injured in a Beaufighter crash. After recovery and in the meanwhile promoted Group Captain, he received an OBE on 1 January 1942. He joined the Far East becoming SASO, 224 Group, Burma front. On 22 January 1943, he went to Maungdaw Airfield to brief crews for a raid against Japanese on the Prome River. He decide to accompany this mission, taking off in a 615 Sqn Hurricane. Hit by ground fire over target, he crashed and was captured by the enemy. Shipped to Japan the vessel he was travelling, was torpedoed by allied submarine on 12 September 1944. G/C More was last seeing on a raft and went missing.

(source: Allan Hillman)

             His claims are :-
21/04/1940 1 Bf-109E E Bouzonville (73 Sqn)
21/04/1940 1 Bf-110 Probable Thionville-Metz (73 Sqn)
10/05/1940 1/3 He-111 France (73 Sqn)
10/05/1940 1 He-111 France (73 Sqn)
13/05/1940 1 He-111 France (73 Sqn)
14/05/1940 1 Ju-87 France (73 Sqn)
15/05/1940 1/2 He-111 France (73 Sqn)
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