Siroux Paul A. J. D. (RAF n° 127853)

Distinguished Flying Cross, Officer in the Order of the Crown, Officer in the Order of Léopold,
Croix de Guerre 1940 with 2 Palm and Bronze Lion, Croix des Evades,
Decoration Militaire 2nd Class Croix de Guerre Politique with 2 Stars, 1939 -1943 Star,
France and Germany Star, Air Crew Europe Medal and Clasp, Defence Medal, War Medal,
Croix de Guerre 1940 du Grand Duché de Luxembourg, ...
(Philippe Deman Collection)

Born on 13 September 1915 at Hognoul (Liège). Joined the Pilot School on 17 August 1936 and was accepted to the 74 Promotion. He recived his Military Flying Brevet on 24 September 1937 and signed an re-engagement for two years. Posted to 2Aé (01 Oct 38) he was with 2/I/2Aé when war broke out. He passes with his unit into France (15 May 40) and was send home on 20 August 1940. Unemployed, he leaves Belgium (20 Oct 40) for G.B.( 11 Mar 42 -  See Biography Lucien Lelarge). Training saw him at RAF N°2 Receiving Center (21 May 42), 5 PAFUS (07 Aug 42) and 58 OTU - Grangemouth (20 Oct 42). Posted to 350 Sqn saw him arriving on  12 Jan 1943. In the meanwhile promoted F/O, he left for 349 Sqn on 21 July 1943. He took command of  A- Flight  and was rested on 01 February 1945. The last months of War saw him Posted  to 9 PDC (25 Apr 45)  and 85 Group HQ (27 Apr 45) saw him when War finished.  He was awarded a DFC  on 31 July 1945. Discharged from the RAF on 12 June 1946, he joined SABENA and retired in March 1972. Paul Siroux died at Knokke on 21 November 2000.

DFC Citiation of 7 August 1945:

"Flight Lieutenant Siroux joined N°.349 (Belgian) Squadron in July 1944 having previously served with N°.350 (Belgian) Squadron. He has led his flight with distinction and has shown good leadership and fearless courage on every occasion. His missions have included attacks on Flying Bomb installations, escort duty to bombers during which he has dealt effectively with enemy Fighter interference. He has also been employed on pin point attacks on important enemy positions which were pressed right home in spite of intense anti-aircraft fire. During his mission he has destroyed 2 enemy aircraft and shared in the destruction or damage of many M.T. vehicles and some barges. Flight Lieutenant Siroux has shown great energy both in the air and on the ground, he is a reliable and aggressive leader and has set a high example to the other members of his squadron"

(source: Guy De Win)

             His claims are :
28/12/1943 1 FW-190 Rhubarb: Calais (350Sqn)
26/07/1944 1 Me-109 (349Sqn)
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