Van Eeckhoudt Albert M. (RAF n° 168777)
(André Bar Collection)

Born on 25 July 1916 at Vollezele, he was at the Aé Mil when War broke out. Transferred to France, he returned home on capitulation. He escaped via Portugal where he arrived on July 13th, 1942. Sent to Belgian Congo, he started then training in the SAAF. Promoted P/O on 30 August 1943. Transferred to the RAF, he arrived in the UK in October 1943. Wounded whilest at 53 OTU, promoted F/O on 1 March 1944, he arrived finally at 350 Sqn on 1 October 1944 where he flew till the end of the War. Left 350 Sqn on 9 May 1946 but stayed in the Belgian Air Force. Retreated with the rank of  Colonel. Died on 6 January 1997

             His claims are :
21/04/1945 1/2 He-111
02/05/1945 1/4 Ar-235 Hohn Airfield
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