Walmsley Harold E. (RAF n 139425)

Distinguished Flying Cross with Bar, Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm, War Medal 1939-45,
1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, ...

(Picture Kindly provided by Juan Antonio Enrich from Roberto Muls Album)

Harold Walmsley was born on 14 December 1922, in Preston. He joined the RAF in December 1940. Being sent to Rhodesia to begin flying training. He joined 61 OTU to complete his training and was then posted, as Sergeant Pilot, to 611 (West Lancashire) Squadron in September 1942. Harold Walmsley was commissioned as a Pilot Officer on 4th January 1943, and Flying Officer on 4 July 1943. He became F/Lt in August 1943 when he joined 132 (City of Bombay) Squadron, then serving in 125 Airfield (later 125 Wing). He was awarded a DFC in April 1944. He was rested the same month, attending the CGS course at Catfoss. In May he became an instructor at 57 OTU. In October 1944 he was posted to 130 (Punjab) Squadron at B.64 Schaffen/Diest again as part of 125 Wing. During spring 1945 he was acting Commanding Officer of 130 (Punjab) Squadron, but was transferred to command 350 (Belgian) Squadron on 23 April. He received a Bar to his DFC after having claimed nine victories in one month. He left the unit in July 1945. Wef 4 July 1946 his rank was adjusted from Flt Lt (war substantive) to Flt Lt. He was authorised to wear the Belgian Croix de Guerre 1940 with Palm wef 24 January 1947. 

Awarded a Bar to the DFC on 17 July 1945, citation as follows:

Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross.

Squadron Leader Harold Edward WALMSLEY, D.F.C. (139425), R.A.F.V.R., No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron.

"This officer has completed many sorties since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and throughout has set a fine example of determination and devotion to duty. In air fighting, Squadron Leader Walmsley has been responsible for the destruction of 9 enemy aircraft and has also inflicted much damage on enemy transport despite heavy opposition. He has proved a most valuable asset to the squadron." 

(source: Allan Hillman)
             His claims are :
09/01/1943 1 FW-190 Probable Abbeville (611 Sqn)
17/01/1943 1 FW-189 Damaged Abbeville (611 Sqn)
09/04/1943 1 FW-190 Damaged Dungeness (611 Sqn)
16/05/1943 1 FW-190 Damaged Morlaix Area (611 Sqn)
25/07/1943 1 Me-109 8m W Amsterdam (611 Sqn)
21/12/1943 1 FW-190 Damaged Courtrai (132 Sqn)
07/01/1944 1 FW-190 E Abbeville (132 Sqn)
08/12/1944 1 Me-109 Burgstein (130 Sqn)
13/03/1945 1 FW-190 10m NE Hann (130 Sqn)
28/03/1945 1 FW-190 Warndorf (130 Sqn)
17/04/1945 1 Ju-52/3m Vechlin (130 Sqn)
18/04/1945 1 Fi-156 on the ground (130 Sqn)
18/04/1945 1 Fi-156 on the ground (130 Sqn)
20/04/1945 1 FW-190 Oranienburg (130 Sqn)
23/04/1945 1 Bf-108 Parchim Airfield (130 Sqn)
23/04/1945 1 Bf-108 Parchim Airfield (130 Sqn)
24/04/1945 1 FW-190 Combat Report
25/04/1945 1 FW-190 Rechlin Airfield
26/04/1945 1/4 FW-190 Plaver See
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