26/10/1942: W/O DYON T.E.N., Technical Officer, the only groundcrew killed by the Germans


On 26/10/1942, a Do-217 hit by AA, crashed on the 350 Squadron dispersal at Southend, killing W/O Dyon (Technical Officer) and wounding 2 other mechanics



Pictures of the crashed aircaft taken by F/Lt Y.Dumonceau de Bergendael:

The crashed aircraft:

U5+IS of 8./KG2 took off from Deelen at 1133hrs BST and was one of three tasked to attack the Skefko ball-bearing works at Luton. The Do. crossed in NE of Southend at c. 200ft and is reported to have dropped 4 bombs near Rochford Hospital. It then made a left-hand turn that took it over Southend aerodrome. Light AA from the aerodrome defences is thought to have killed the pilot. The aircraft hit the ground, skidded across the 'drome and crashed into a dispersal hut. Three of the crew were killed in the crash but the W/T Op (Gefr. Heinz Kautz) was thrown clear and escaped with serious injuries. He died in a UK hospital on 25 January 1943.