350 (Belgian) Squadron Presentation Aircraft :

On May 14th 1942, General Ermens, Vice Governor of Belgian Congo presented a cheque of £250.000 to the British Consul General. This amount was raised by subscription by the population of the Belgian colony for the purchase of fighter aircraft. The Consul promised that the aircraft bought with this money would be flown by Belgian Pilots and that the names chosen would be displayed on it. 16 aircraft of 350 (Belgian) Squadron were christianed with the following names on 17 July 1942:

This list was proposed by Squadron Leader Guillaume and as seen here under, the names of the pilots do not match with the foto's shown

(All pictures André Bar Collection from the albums of Guillaume, Prevot and 350 Squadron)

*** Any aid regarding the Squadron letters and Serials would be much appreciated ***



Spitfire MK Vb   Albertville : MN-G   EN769  (Pilot: A. Boussa)


Spitfire MK Vb   Baron Jacques : MN-       (Pilot: Marchal)


Spitfire MK Vb   Cambier : MN-          (Pilot: F. Boute)



Spitfire MK Vb   Crespel : MN-       (Pilot: Michiels)



Spitfire MK Vb   Elisabethville : MN-E  BL696 (Pilot: Dehasse)


Spitfire MK Vb   Hanssens : MN-H    (Pilot: Venesoen)



Spitfire MK Vb   Katanga : MN-A  BM381 (Pilot: D. Guillaume)

Spitfire MK Vb   Katanga :
MN-A  BM381 (Pilot:G.Seydel)



Spitfire MK Vb   Kato : MN-       (Pilot: Van den Haute)



Spitfire MK Vb   Leopoldville : MN-J      AA720  (Pilot: Alexandre)



Spitfire MK Vb   Lulanguru : MN-M   AR373 (Pilot: Plas)



Spitfire MK Vb   Luvungi : MN-D      EN796  (Pilot: H.Picard)



Spitfire MK Vb   Popelin : MN-         (Pilot: Smets)



Spitfire MK Vb   Saisi : MN-F    BM230  (Pilot: G. Seydel)



Spitfire MK Vb   Stanleyville : MN-W     (Pilot: Charlier)



Spitfire MK Vb   Usoke : MN-X   EN794 (Pilot: Du Monceau de Bergendael)


Spitfire MK Vb   Usoke : MN-X   EN794  (Pilot : Plas)



Spitfire MK Vb   Yaunde : MN-R    AB979       (Pilot: Flohimont)