How the Belgian National Day was celebrated by 350 Sqn.  
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Kenley 21.7.42

Red Section was scrambled at 08.50 hours and Yellow at 09.45 hours but the sortie was of short duration. The pilots not at readiness saw the film 'THE NEXT OF KIN' in the Wing pilot’s room. As it is the Belgian National Day the Squadron is released off the Camp from 13.00 hours until 13.00 hours on 22.7.

Acklington 20.7.43

One section at readiness. The squadron moved off in the morning and all settled in at Acklington by the afternoon. Today, being the eve of the Belgian national Day, a dinner for all ranks is provided in the Airmen’s Mess. The C.O. made a moving speech thanking all those personnel, both Belgian and British, for their assistance to the Squadron. Prophesise the next Feast Day will be on the Continent and exhorts all to attend Mass and the singing of the Te Deum the following morning. Excellent entertainment was provided by the N.C.O’s and airmen. Weather dull. 10/10 cloud.

Acklington 21.7.43

Belgian National Feast Day. With the exception of one Section at readiness the Squadron is released for the day. Non-stop celebrations in the Bar in the morning, at “B” Flight in the afternoon and at the local in the evening. Weather Rain. 10/10. cloud.

Westhamptnett 21.7.44


Bad weather (low clouds & rain).
10.00 SQUADRON PARADE & HOISTING OF THE COLOURS followed by a TE DEUM in the Belgian Chapel.
15.30 - 1715  Soccer  Match  'A' Flt. V  'B'  Flt.

F/SGT. ERNOULD, R. posted to an Affiliation Flight (Harwell).

Melsbroek 19.7.45

We fly to Brussels, Melsbroek for flying duties over our own capital. We have a reception in the evening at the “Chateau d’Anjou” at Stockel.

Melsbroek 20.7.45

A fly past is held over the Cinquantenaire where an Exhibition is opened in aid of the Belgian Air Force Benevolent Fund. At night we are entertained at the Belgian Air Force Officers Club.

Melsbroek 21.7.45

The national day is cancelled for the fifth consecutive year; 4 times by the Germans and once by the Belgian Authorities. It is a poor show but as far as we are concerned we celebrated anyway, some from 11 a.m. “a l’Opera” then to the country “Au quatre rois” at 6 p.m. we were received at the “Maison des ailes”.

 Melsbroek 22.7.45

The squadron goes back to base. The rest of the month is uneventful. One flight works 24 hours from noon to noon and the other flight takes over, this is a much better idea for those people who want to fly. We improve our formation flying and the break over the airfield becomes very impressive.